Tensioned screens

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Tensioned screens

Polyurethane tensioned screen surfaces are used for screening abrasive materials that tend to clog screens. They are made of anti-abrasive materials in hardness from 55 to 90 Shore, depending on the material to be screened. Their reinforcement consists of steel ropes and transverse steel reinforcement as supporting elements in the construction of these screens. They are suitable as a direct replacement of metal screens with a fold without any additional adjustments of the screening machine.

Tensioned screens - Ikona vlastnosti produktu | vomet.sk


They are used in quarries, gravel pits, mines and in recycling

Tensioned screens - Ikona vlastnosti produktu | vomet.sk


Available on request with various types of folds and holes with mesh size from 2 to 200 mm

Tensioned screens - Ikona vlastnosti produktu | vomet.sk




They are used for screening dry and wet abrasive material that tend to clog and badly wear the screen surface. We recommend to use them especially when screening wet material. Due to their flexibility and conical mesh shape, the material does not clog the screen surface. Depending on the nature of the screened material we supply them in hardness from 55 to 90 Shore. They are not suitable to a place with a higher working temperature.

  • Several longer lifetime compared to metal screens
  • They do not clog
  • Suitable for wet screening
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