Consultancy and technical advice

Konzultácie a technické poradenstvo

We offer consulting and advisory services in the field of application and suitability of use of our products. Upon request, our specialists will provide you with technical documentation and information on our products, as well as the necessary advice for their correct use, technical recommendations and solutions.

Sending professional materials and samples

Konzultácie a technické poradenstvo

If required, we can send you the necessary technical documentation (catalogues) as well as available samples. If you want us to send you the technical specification for our products, please contact us via e-mail:, or tel. no. 00421 33 5903725


Konzultácie a technické poradenstvo

Within the range of fencing products we offer assembly of the whole product line. Also if you need help with assembling of other types of products, we can offer the necessary cooperation.

Delivery of goods

Konzultácie a technické poradenstvo

We arrange the delivery of products directly to you by express transport of individual packages. Heavy shipments can be transported by our own transport as well.

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