Rope systems

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Rope systems

Architects, designers and builders apply rope systems not only in interior use to create handrails, trellages, exhibitions, shop windows and other similar applications, but also with success on the facades of buildings as a stable support system for climbing plants or as supporting, winding or rescue systems of buildings.


All ropes are made of stainless steel according to the norm DIN X5CrNiMo1810 (WNR 1.4401 or AISI 316), commonly referred to as A4 or V4A. This material is highly resistant to all chemicals, including acids. After the production all ropes are cleaned in a patented way.
Most of the end pieces and accessories for ropes are made of the same kind of noble material which is modified by adding molybdenum to improve the quality. Its designation is DIN X2CrNiMo17122 (WNR 1.4404 or 316L).
For various reasons (weight, easier workability, etc.), some products are made of other materials. In particular, this reffers mainly to stainless steel of the quality DIN X12CrNiS188 (WNR 1.4305 or AISI 303), also referred to as A2 and a variety of special steels and aluminium alloys.
We guarantee the functionality of whole sets with moulded ends. If the customer decides for a set with screwed (dry) ends, i.e. they fix the end pieces themselves, we guarantee the functionality of the rope and the end pieces JAKOB ® only separately.



Basic product line No5 and 5.1 is for the widest use. With its range and depth it has become a tool suitable for any implementation involving ropes. It is particularly useful for architects, designers and engineers. Products from this line are applicable as static elements of buildings as well as they are used when completing aesthetic and functional space.


Product line INOX LINE GREENGUIDE included in the catalogue of the system G1 is a specialized system for building the support for climbing plants.Products are suitable for GREENGUIDE trellage in landscaping and at the same time they also offer solutions for greening the facades of residential and industrial buildings.
This system also includes protective screens WEBNET, of course made of stainless ropes, which create an elegant security element to any building.


Flexible and transparent screens, made of stainless steel ropes, are multifunctional and durable. When used on handrails and staircases, they provide support and security. Webnet can be used on facades as a support for climbing plants. In large areas it may be used as a dividing element with a filigree accent.
Webnet has been subjected to numerous tests in accordance with current standards. As a permanent retaining and supporting facility for bridges and viewing terraces, Webnet, unlike traditional solutions, is weather and UV-radiation resistant.


VERTIGUIDE presents a set of 12 standardized rope assemblies for vertical railing panels. Thanks to its favourable price, this offer is an aesthetic and functional alternative to welded railing panels. It provides application possibilities for all common types of construction, including wood.  


BASIC 6 is one of the products needed for handling loads such as moving, lifting and stretching. It is used as part of systems for safety at work and sports. 


BALANCE is a lightweight, airy system for fixing shelves, billboards, suspenders or other light items. It is based on 1.0 to 2.5 mm thick stainless steel ropes and corresponding fittings. This system is unique because it can be completely assembled on site, i.e. none of the components is tightly moulded before the delivery.


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