Pulleys and rails

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Pulleys and rails

Guide rails and their fastening

The assortment of guide rails profiled from ST37 steel is available in the following material version:

  • non galvanized
  • galvanized

Dimensions of guide rails

They are supplied in 6 sizes (see the picture), arranged according to their load capacity. Available in standardized lengths of 5 or 6 meters (we also supply custom lengths according to customer's requirements).


The assortment also includes the following items:

  • arches with different radii and floor guide rails which are hot-dip galvanized
  • couplings for height and side adjustment
  • simple consoles
  • double consoles
  • wall and ceiling fixtures (single, double)
  • angle stops 
  • shock absorbers
  • pipe stops


These are unique maintenance-free pulleys featuring:

  • long life
  • high load capacity
  • easy and quiet operation

According to guide rails they are available in 6 different sizes (0 to 5) as single or double pulleys.
They are supplied galvanized.

The following items are also included in the range of pulleys:

Double pulley  

  • horizontally swivelling
  • centrally swivelling
  • with a swinging screw
  • to hang
  • to weld

Double pulley for boards

  • with a swinging flange

  • with a pendulum for welding

Double pulley with a back-pressure pulley

  • with a side guide

  • with a side guide and a pendulum for welding

Single pulley

  • horizontally swivelling

  • with a flange 
  • to hang
  • to weld


Supplementary assortment to sorting technology, such as:

  • amplifying couplings
  • supporting plates
  • threaded welding plates
  • ground guide pulleys
    • loose nylon for screwing
    • outer with a plate
    • inner
    • with a wall plug
  • sliding guides
  • pressure pieces
  • supporting angle plates
  • pulleys on the angle profile
    • left with a thread
    • right with a thread

The range of accessories is available either in galvanized or chromed finish.

Stainless steel programme

This programme includes a range of products made of stainless steel delivered for projects with special environmental requirements. Available in sizes 0,1 and 2.

The assortment also includes the following items: 

  • couplings
  • welding couplings
  • wall fixtures
  • ceiling fixtures
  • simple consoles
  • couplings for height adjustment

Assembly kit for light sliding gates

There are all items necessary for the movement of light sliding gates and doors.

One set contains:

  • 1 pc of the guide rail with combined fixtures for a ceiling or a wall.
  • 2 pcs of the double pulley
  • 2 pcs of the pipe stop
  • 2 pcs of the bearing plate
  • 1 pc of the bottom guide
  • 1 pc of the rubber shock absorber


  • wide range of applications
  • simple assembly
  • high maintenance-free quality
  • quiet wear resistant operation

Transport technology for self-supporting gates

Self-supporting (hinged) gates have been one of the most frequently used alternatives for access to buildings in recent years. Despite the fact that they are mainly used in industrial buildings, companies or craft workshops, there is a constant growth in their use in the private sector.

Free passage without disturbing rails, no height limitation, trouble-free assembly and high functional safety cause an enormous demand for this up-to-date production segment. Their great advantage is the relatively simple way of automating their operation. The self-supporting gates offer a high standard of safety and comfort.

Our assortment contains all the fittings that are required for mounting self-supporting gates. The choice of fittings depends on the clear width of the passageway and the gate weight.

Cast iron pulleys

The pulleys are used for the barn gates and the gates of the auxiliary buildings.

There are the following pulleys in our assortment: 

  • pulleys for the gates with a galvanized holder 
  • idle pulleys

Depending on the gate weight, the pulleys of different diameters and corresponding bearing capacities are used.

Steel pulleys

They are used for the gates with bottom travel. These pulleys represent economically more suitable alternative to the self-supporting gates in case the gate is opened and closed in longer time intervals.

There are the following pulleys in our assortment:

  • guide pulleys with simple fit 
  • guide pulleys with double fit 
  • guide pulleys with side covers

Consultancy and advisory services

How to choose the right product?

If you need advice, don't hesitate to ask!

We will answer your questions and help you with every step in the selection of material as well as project implementation.

  • we provide technical information and documentation
  • we provide advice on the right selection and use of materials
  • we provide technical recommendation and solutions
  • consultation on application and suitability of our products

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