Hexagonal mesh

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Hexagonal mesh


Classical standard fencing mesh, which belongs to the most widely used in our country. It is used mainly for fencing of cages and aviaries, for breeding animals (therefore also called breeding mesh) or birds, for poultry pens. 
It is also widely used in agriculture as a protection of trees and seedlings, in horticulture as protection against moles under grass carpets, or in the florist industry. 
It can be also used for thermal insulation of buildings in the building industry.


galvanized wire or galvanized wire subsequently plastic coated (colour dark green - RAL 6005)


13 mm,16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm (see the table)


galvanized wire 0.7; 0.8

plastic coated wire 0.9; 1.0 (see the table)


The mesh is supplied in rolls with a width of 1m and a length of 25 and 50 m.


Mesh size (mm)   Wire thickness (mm)  Roll height 
 Screen length (m) Surface 

galvanized PVC

13 0,7 0,9 1000 50;25 Zn, PVC
16 0,7 0,9 1000 50;25 Zn, PVC
20 0,7 0,9 1000 50;25 Zn, PVC
25 0,8 1,0 1000 50;25 Zn, PVC

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